2021 Senior Umpire and Officiating Award Recipients

Congratulations to all winners

We are excited to announce the winners of our Senior Umpiring Awards for 2021. We congratulate all our winners and hope our community gets behind this post and recognise the 2021 Award Recipients individually.

We are incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated and passionate group of officials at North Harbour Hockey. We do not take this for granted. Today, we thank you to every official that supported a North Harbour Hockey Competition in 2021; we know many of you will continue to do so.

The role of an Umpire or Match Official is never easy. We saw this quote recently and thought it was fitting “umpiring is best described as the profession of standing between two seven-year-olds with one ice cream cone.” We know everyone will see the funny side of that quote. Our community is passionate, and our officials do a great job of allowing us to run top-quality community competitions. This is not to be taken for granted. We ask all our Harbour Whanau to continue supporting and appreciating our officials as we are always looking to grow this team. For now, many of them have earned a well-deserved break over Christmas!

Well done again to all category winners listed below.

  • Services to Junior Umpiring – Hannah Le Quesne
  • Services to Secondary Umpiring – Nicolette Rugg
  • Services to Senior Umpiring – Owen Goodwin
  • Marbrack Award – Simon Taylor
  • Community Umpire of the Year – Michael Marychurch
  • New Umpire of the Year – Mike Scrivens
  • Life Saver of the Year – Jack Bramah
  • Players Choice: Umpire of the Year – Tamara Dudley
  • Umpires Choice: Umpire of the Year – Michael Marychurch
  • Most Improved Male Umpire – Grant Wardle
  • Most Improved Female Umpire – Nikki Hayes
  • Most Improved Young Male Umpire – Connor Walsh
  • Most Improved Young Female Umpire – Amy Psaila
  • Young Male Umpire of the Year – Connor Walsh
  • Young Female Umpire of the Year – Sabina East
  • Official of the Year – Stewart McKissock
  • Male Umpire of the Year – Simon Taylor
  • Female Umpire of the Year – Kelly-Ann Foskin

AGM Notice & Board Nomination

TO: All members of North Harbour Hockey Association DATE: 01 July 2022 RE: Notice of Annual General Meeting – North Harbour Hockey Association Incorporated To all interested parties,

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