2022 Masters Player Agreement

The below is the Rep Masters Player Agreement information and terms that all selected participants will be required to comply with. Please complete the required informaiton to help us deliver a better Masters experience for you and your team mates. 

Emergency Contact Details

Please provide us with an alternative contact for the duration of your participation. 

Medical Information

All medical information will be held securely and only accessed by NHHA staff and Team Management who have a valid reason for doing so. As part of our commitment to ensuring that our membership is looked after during any rep campaign we require the medical information and emergency contact details held in this form.

Please note that in selecting this option you understand that you may be unable to participate in the 2022 National Masters unless fully vaccinated at the time of the tournament. The option you have selected may leave you unable to participate in any NHHA Rep Team until you are fully vaccinated

Medical Assistance Agreement

Please confirm your acceptance of the preceding terms and conditions and also the authorisation for Team Management to obtain medical assistance if required.