Covid-19 Information

New Protocols and Information for 2021 Hockey Season

Below should answer all your questions on what is happening for our 2021 Hockey Season. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We will be back to play as soon as we can following our latest lockdown. We are currently updating our procedures and protocols following recommendations from Hockey NZ, Sport NZ and the government.

We have put in place the same three areas we had in the past and setting up the sanitising stations in the facility.

There will be clear up to date guideline posters when you enter the facility.

Covid-19 Protection Framework - 03/12/21

Covid-19 General Updates

New Rules and Protocols for 2021 Hockey Season

Community hockey is being reintroduced in a cautious and methodical manner, based on the best available evidence to optimise participant and community safety. In order to be aligned to Hockey’s overarching “return to play” considerations; the following rule changes have been proposed to come into effect immediately:

Other Important Considerations/protocols:

Application of Rules

When umpiring hockey, our 2 key pillars are to keep the game fair and keep the game safe. As well as the technical appreciation of a rule, it is just as important to understand the intent of the rule to ensure the best practical implementation. Apply common sense, context, and a consistent application of the rules at all times.

Under the current Covid-19 environment, wherever practical the safety aspect now needs to be extended to include new procedures to reduce contact by players and participants to an absolute minimum. All participants have a personal responsibility to identify and adhere to best health and safety protocol’s pre, during, and post a hockey match. Accordingly, the following measures are mandatory:

The Following Measures Are Strongly Recommended:


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