COVID Update – 1st April 2022

Thankfully no Covid Passports are required as of next Tuesday 5 April. This means nobody is required to show a Vaccine Passport to enter the National Hockey Centre from this date, and with no gathering limits outside, we are getting ever closer to a normal operating environment for the NHHA and our clubs and teams.

We have now opened all 8 of the NHC Change Rooms on the ground floor of the Clubhouse, and we encourage everyone to move quickly in and out of those facilities to create as safe an environment as possible for all. As a health and safety measure, please consider having your team talks and de-briefs outside. This may be challenging in inclement weather but is the safest option to reduce the chance of Covid infection. 

The main Clubroom Bar & Café will unfortunately remain closed through until Easter Weekend minimum, or until we move to a Yellow CPF setting to enable indoor gatherings more freedom. The Village Green remains the
focus for our hospitality and community experience until further notice.

A frequently asked question from our partner hockey clubs has been to ask if Covid vaccines are still required to play or be associated with teams as coaches, managers, etc. The NHHA and the NHC is open to all, however, it is up to individual clubs/teams to decide if they require people to be vaccinated to play or be involved with their teams.