Divisional Committee Nominations

Umpires and Officials Division Executive Committee Nominations

After what was a hugely successful season with a little bit of an unfortunate end, join us to finish the 2021 season with your fellow Team Orange members.

NHHA will host a celebration evening to give out our awards, have some food and drink, many laughs and while we tie this into our Umpires & Official’s AGM for 2021 at 3.30pm on Sunday 07 November. 

We will provide the food, and the bar will be open to purchase drinks.

For those who have not attended an AGM, as a registered NHHA official this year, you are entitled to the vote on the 2022 Executive Committee members.

The UODEC decided to join the prizegiving and AGM to ensure you as members of the Official’s Division, have an understanding of how and who are voted onto the committee that drives the direction of officiating here at NHHA.

Please know that you do not have to vote if you do not want to. However we encourage all 2021 officials to have a say, as you all know our members best! The members putting themselves forward will be at the AGM.

If you have any questions about AGM voting, please don’t hesitate to email Sophie (sophie@harbourhockey.org.nz) or any of our current UODEC members.
We look forward to seeing celebrating with you all on Sunday 07 November.