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New to Hockey?

Need a crash course on the basic understandings of hockey?

Click below to watch the FIH website videos with all you need to know for 11 A-side hockey in under 3 minutes!

Coaching 6 A-side Resource

The purpose of this document is to assist our Foundation coaches in feeling confident to coach hockey. 

This document has been developed with the following in mind:

    1. Sometimes learning to coach can be overwhelming
    2. How daunting coaching may be without experience in the sport itself

This document includes:

    • Hockey Rules & Terminology
    • Youth Coaching Pointers
    • Fundamental skills required for hockey
    • Basic Playing Concepts 
    • Substitution methods​​​​​​​

Good Sports Guide For Youth Coaches

Take a moment and think back to when you were a child playing sport. What did you enjoy about playing sport back then?

It might have been that you were playing with your friends? It could have been that you learned how to jink the ball? or maybe it was the half time oranges? Was it even about winning at the end of the match?

This guide is an excellent tool for understanding what is important when coaching youth age groups. Here at Harbour we encourage our members to be good sports people and therefore this document is a guide for the Junior Coaching philosophy we encourage of all coaches in our competitions.

Your coaching philosophy has a large impact on the enjoyment a player will have in your hockey team.

Winning is fun, but is hanging out with their friends and learning new tricks more important for a life-long relationship with the game?

Good Sports Guide For Youth Coaches

Hockey NZ Online Coaching Portal

Hockey NZ have designed a online coaching portal which has online coaching modules in the following areas:

    • Small sticks for players aged year 5-8

    • Small sticks for players aged year 9-12,

    • Youth Coaching (Secondary)

    • Club Coaching

The portal has been designed to assist coaches to provide relevant development environments and hockey learnings to developing players participating in school, club, association and regional competitions.

Best of all it is FREE, you receive a HNZ Coaching accreditation at the end of each area.

Sports Plan

If you are short on some drills, or run out of ideas, check out Sportplan. Your online coaching booklet. Complete with diagrams, explanations and print outs! There is a free version and various plan options. For around $100 NZ a year you get almost unlimited access to the below. The free version still gives you great support.

Even Better, they now have an app that is fantastic! You can take your drills with you everywhere on your phone.

Gain access to: 

    • Sketching tool you can use to design drills
    • Session Planner tool
    • Thousands of  drills
    • Session plans.

Free Online Interactive Online Coaching Courses

Hockey New Zealand is also pleased to announce the launch of two free interactive online coaching modules.  These modules can be accessed from the Hockey NZ website and each takes about 30 minutes to complete.  The two modules, which were developed by SPARC, are targeted at first time coaches.

  • Quick Start Your CoachingThis module gives tips and information on the basics of coaching such as the role or the coach, how to communicate effectively, and planning. Quick Start Module –Click Here
  • Safety Net – The Coach’s ResponsibilitiesThis module introduces coaches to the SPARC Code of Ethics as well as providing information on both how to stay safe as a coach, and how to protect your athletes. Safety Net Module –Click Here​​​​​​​

These online resources, whilst generic are really timely reminders of what we should be thinking about when we are coaching to make sure we acheive our desired outcomes with our teams.

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