Programme Terms and Conditions

Programme Terms and Conditions

Notice of Agreement

By enrolling you or your child, you do so in full agreement with North Harbour Hockey Association’s Programme Terms and Conditions.

Registration & Payment

All fees are to be paid at time of registration except where a payment plan is entered into. Failure to make payments as scheduled will result in the cancellation of this registration at NHHA discretion without further notice. 

Programme Cancellation By User

If you cancel this registration prior to programme start date, you will receive a FULL refund LESS an administration fee of $15.00. If you or the participant withdraw during the programme due to injury or illness a REFUND will be made on the production of medical certificate. The REFUND amount will be determined on a pro rata basis. Any non-refundable elements will remain owing, this includes any programme apparel that has already been ordered. No refunds will be provided for missed sessions due to other commitments or minor illness/injury

Pandemic/Natural Disasters Cancellation & Refunds

If any programme is interrupted by any pandemic or public health order restrictions the original delivery dates may be cancelled and NHHA will use reasonable endeavors to reschedule delivery. Programmes may initially be postponed, while alternative delivery options are explored as per below. NHHA will look to deliver the programme within a 90 day  window.

If delivery dates cannot be reached in this time frame registered participants will have the option to:

  1. Apply any outstanding programme balance to other NHHA owned programmes that the participant is involved in.
  2. A family could transfer the credit of one participant towards the fees due for a participant involved in an additional programme.
  3. Credit can remain in the participants name for future programme registrations.
  4. Refund of outstanding programme balance that has not been delivered minus any registration transactional fees, programme administrative costs and associated delivery costs up to the date of cancelation (sessions that have been delivered).

If the new delivery date(s) that the participant is transferred to do not suit, the participant is to email the programme owner within 72 hours and refund options will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Welfare & Safety

In the event of injury or illness to your child (where applicable) we will contact you and medical authorities promptly; all appropriate steps will be taken to ensure the child’s wellbeing. Any medical costs will be your responsibility.

Rules for all activities are made known to your child prior to the commencement of the activity. All care will be taken to provide supervision of each child attending the programme in accordance with those rules.

Participants should be dressed appropriately for the programme.

Where your child is the participant in a programme please note that it is your responsibility to pick up your child as soon as the programme ends. 

Limit of Liability

There is an element of risk in some activities and by enrolling yourself or your child in the programme you are deemed to have accepted those risks. You should make yourself familiar with those risks before you register for a programme. You agree NHHA cannot be held  liable for any and all consequential or real losses as a result of yours, or your childs participation. 

North Harbour Hockey Association will take all reasonable care of you and your child and his/her property during the programme but will not be responsible for any injury or loss of or damage to property.

Photo & Video Policy

We reserve the right to take photos and videos of activities and those participating in those activities for promotional and publicity purposes. By enrolling in this programme you give your consent for photos and videos to be taken of the participant. If you do not want photos and videos of the participant to be taken or used for promotional purposes you must state this in writing to North Harbour Hockey Association prior to the commencement of the programme. 


By registering in a programme participants do so at their sole risk and responsibility. You also hold harmless North Harbour Hockey Association, its respective servants, agents or officials against any actions or claims which may be made by yourself, on your behalf or by other parties in respect of or arising out of any injury, loss or damage caused by negligence, breach of contract or any other manner whatsoever.

North Harbour Hockey Association reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any participant from any activity where the terms and conditions have not been complied with or for safety reasons.

Wet Weather Policy

In the event a session is called off due to bad weather North Harbour Hockey Association will make every attempt to postpone and reschedule this session.

If a program is at least 80% completed and weather causes cancellation (after rain days have been delivered), North Harbour Hockey Association will deem this as an appropriate level of completion and NO REFUNDS will be made.

Membership of NHHA

By registering in a programme at NHHA you are agreeing to become a financial member of NHHA and to abide by the NHHA Code of Conduct and Members Terms and Conditions.