Hockey Without Limits – T’s & C’s

Terms and Conditions of Participation

Please read the following code of conduct and photography policy. Please ensure that all students and support personnel consent to the photography policy and abide by the code of conduct. 

Code of Conduct

Students and Support Personnel are to:

  • Respect the rules of the sport and do as the event manager asks at all times
  • Respect the facility
  • Encourage fair play
  • Encourage sportsmanship

Support Personnel:

  • Support students, but allow them to play without you as much as possible
  • Carry all necessary medication and emergency contact details for the students
  • Be responsible for student behaviour and discipline

Photography Policy

To promote this exciting programme for the future, North Harbour Hockey Association would like permission to use photographs taken at the event to showcase this to a wider audience. The photographs will be used on social media, newsletters and posters. Please advise Judith at Harbour Hockey if one of the athletes do not have permission to have their photos taken prior to the first session.