Hockey Without Limits Wairau Valley and Metro Park Offerings

Last year we kicked off our Hockey Without Limits programme with great success. We went into the Christmas holidays with a real buzz and started 2022 with even more excitement. 

Last week we welcomed Wairau Valley Special School to NHHA, as they joined Hockey Without Limits on Thursdays and Fridays. The students took to it immediately with their headteacher commenting how impressed he was with the level of engagement from his students towards the coaches. Jess Tully and Anna Verner took the lead and did an outstanding job from start to finish. The school will continue to come in each week for the duration of the term and we hope to continue this relationship well into the future. 

Hockey Without Limits now runs on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays starting up this week 20 February up at Metro Park. To register for Hockey Without Limits at Metro Park click here.

The growth in this programme over just one block has been huge and only continues to get bigger. Exciting things in the pipeline with gameplay starting to happen and a potential competition even? 

Our Youth Engagement Officer, Judith Quinlan, continues to push hard to provide opportunities to the community and allow for growth and engagement throughout. 

A big thank you to all our volunteer coaches who continue to work hard, always engage the participants and never stop smiling. This programme would be nothing without you and NHHA values your contribution.