Lockers and Lost & Found

Personal Belongings Policies:

  1. Personal belongings are to be stored in secure lockers.
  2. NHHA takes no responsibility for valuables stored in lockers.
  3. Additional keys are available form NHHA at a cost of $15 each
  4. Any items left in the  lockers at the end of the calendar year will be considered abandoned property and turned in to
    Harbour Hockey Reception
  5. The lockers in the locker rooms are available for permanent use.
  6. Lockers to be used ONLY while you are an active member of NHHA and participating in activities at the NHC.
  7. NHHA Senior staff have the right to check any locker at any time.
  8. You must not store any flammable , perishable or dangerous goods in your locker.
  9. Lockers are allocated on an annual basis of a calendar year with no pro-rata for a “part-year”.

Lost & Found Policies:

  1. NHHA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  2. Users of the lockers are encouraged to store all personal belongings securely in lockers in the umpire
  3. NHHA Staff members are not permitted to hold equipment, valuables or bags for NHHA members or
  4. Found items should be turned in to the Front Desk.
  5. All items found within the National Hockey Centre will be held at the Front Desk or lost property box near the basement entry to the players tunnel.
  6. Inquiries regarding lost items should be made to the Front Desk.
  7. All items may be held for up to 30 days and then donated to a local charitable organization