NHHA Masters Selection Policy


1.1. Purpose
1.1.1. The purpose of this document is to clearly outline the policy, operational process and procedures that apply to the selection of players, coaches, and managers who represent North Harbour Hockey Association (NHHA) at National Masters Tournament (NMT).
1.2. Application
1.2.1. The policy, process and procedures outlined in this document apply to all NHHA players, selectors, umpires, technical officials, coaches, and managers involved in any selection process for participation at NMT.
1.2.2. This policy is reviewed on an annual basis by the North Harbour Hockey Masters Working Group (MWG) and ratified by NHHA.

1.3. Responsibility

1.3.1. NHHA and the MWG are responsible for coordinating all NHHA Masters teams that attend NMT and any other events these teams may compete in.
1.3.2. NHHA and the MWG will oversee the strategic direction of Masters Hockey within NHHA.

2.Player Selection

2.1. Selection Panel

2.1.1. NHHA with assistance from the MWG will appoint sufficient selectors to enable effective player selections to occur.
2.1.2. Each selection panel will be led and facilitated by a convenor. A NHHA staff member or MWG member will act in the role of convenor.
2.1.3. The selection panel may consist of the following representatives: NHHA, MWG, Team Management and any appropriate independent person/s.

2.2. Player Eligibility

2.2.1. All players are individually responsible to ensure they meet all eligibility requirements for the applicable event and NHHA player eligibility requirements.
2.2.2. To be eligible to represent NHHA at National Masters Tournament, a player must be a registered financial member of NHHA unless they meet one of the following exceptions: Play in the Summer Masters Competition and is not a registered NHHA member Be a Home of Origin player (NHHA is the first association where Masters Hockey was played at club level or representative). Be an approved Guest Player (an approved a Guest Player must not be selected at their current association or their current association cannot field a team in their age bracket):
• Guest Players must submit a Guest Player Expression of Interest application to be considered for a North Harbour Hockey Team – see 7.1.2. NHHA Rep
Masters Guest Player Form
• NHHA will accept a maximum of two Guest Players per team
• An exception to the above is if NHHA cannot reach 16 players from criteria 2.2.2, and/or
• Guest Player Goal Keepers will only be approved if we cannot service this position from criteria 2.2.2, and/or
2.2.3. Meet all HNZ eligibility requirements as stated by the governing body of the event. These requirements will be communicated by HNZ as soon as they become available.
2.2.4. NHHA with support from MWG will accept and assess dispensation requests to the above Player Eligibility Criteria. All dispensation requests must be submitted via appropriate form – see 7.1.1. NHHA Rep Masters Dispensation Form. NHH ’s decision on these matters will be final.

2.3. Age Group Criteria

2.3.1. Every player must register to trial in their age bracket, as determined below: To be eligible to play at National Masters Tournament, all players must have attained the stipulated age by 31 December in the year of the tournament. For example, a player whose 35th birthday is on or before 31st December 2022 is eligible to play in the over 35 division at the 2022 National Masters Tournament. A player whose 35th birthday is after 31st December 2022 is ineligible to play in the over 35 division. A player in their final year of an age bracket has the option to play up or remain in their current age bracket, this decision must be expressed to the selection panel.
2.3.2. It is NHH’s intention to ensure that all teams are catered by players of the appropriate criteria except in the following circumstances: In the event no NHHA team is available in a specified age bracket, all players within this age bracket can play down a grade if selected. In the event no age-appropriate goalkeeper can be sourced. Goalkeepers are a specialist position that can have limited supply.
2.3.3. NHHA with support from MWG will accept and assess dispensation requests to the above Age Group Criteria. All dispensation request must be submitted via the appropriate form
– see 7.1.1. NHHA Rep Masters Dispensation Form. NHH ’s decision on these matters will be final.

2.4. Selection Criteria

2.4.1. To be eligible for selection all players must complete trial registration and attend one or both trial dates. If a player is unable to attend a single trial date and wishes to be considered for selection, this player must make this known to the selection panel prior to the trial dates.
2.4.2. Selectors are not limited to, but should consider, the following factors when assessing players:
• Physical capabilities
• Technical competence
• Tactical nous
• Potential to improve
• Competitive ability
• Attitude
• Team/Squad Orientation
• Communication
2.4.3. player’s performance and fit with NHH and/or team values from previous NHH events may be considered.
2.4.4. At the time of trials a player must be financial with their club and NHHA.
2.4.5. A player must not have any outstanding breaches to Clause 9 NHHA Bylaws Code of Conduct or any outstanding documented incidents of misconduct that has brought NHHA into disrepute.
2.4.6. Selection of players who have completed trial registration but are unable to make trials will be based on, but not limited to: Knowledge of the player’s ability based on the Winter Club season and/or Summer Masters competition. Previous representative history i.e. Masters and/or age group representation for NHHA or equivalent. Attendance and assessment at Masters Academy (if applicable).
2.4.7. Should a player register for trials, make no attendance, and fail to notify the selection panel, it will be deemed that they no longer wish to be considered for selection.

2.5. Non-Travelling Reserves

2.5.1. When trial numbers allow each team must select a minimum of three Non-Travelling Reserves (NTRs). The ability to override the above clause is at the discretion of NHHA alongside consultation with the selection panel.
2.5.2. NTRs will be the first group of players used to fill vacant positions due to player withdrawal (e.g. injury)
2.5.3. Players named as NTRs are required to inform NHHA, within two weeks post-selection, of their intentions moving forward, from one of the following:
• I wish to train with NHHA and will join the team in the event of a player withdrawal, I only want to play for NHHA and will not accept any other offers to
play for another hockey association
• I wish to train with NHHA and will join the team in the event of a player withdrawal, I will also pursue any other offers to play for another hockey
• I wish to be released immediately. I understand a formal discussion with a representative from NHHA and MWG will occur prior to any sign-off. On release,
I accept that I wave my priority rights for selection in the case of a player withdrawal
2.5.4. Once named, NTRs must signal they are committed by completing a player agreement contract. This confirms their availability to the campaign and that they are prepared to cover any related campaign costs if they are called into the team before the tournament.
2.5.5. All NTRs are encouraged to train on with the team at no cost.
2.5.6. In the event an NTR does not accept their position or joins a team from another hockey association, it is encouraged this vacant position is filled by the next appropriate trialist who was not selected. This means that at any stage the team is best equipped to deal with a player withdrawal.

2.6. Withdrawals

2.6.1. Once selected and notified, a player has up to one week to decline their position within the team, after this date a non-refundable rep levy will be charged on top of any other associated costs to the withdrawing player.
2.6.2. Once a withdrawal has occurred a replacement player may be selected. Any replacement player(s) must be sourced in the following order: Those listed as Non-Travelling Reserves who registered for trials and were not selected Guest players or any NHHA player who did not register for trials

2.7. Injuries

2.7.1. Players must disclose to their respective team management as soon as they are aware of any illness, injury or condition that may prevent them from preparing or competing in the campaign, including at National Tournament.
2.7.2. If a player becomes injured during the campaign which requires their withdrawal from the team, they will be liable to pay all, and any costs incurred up to the point of injury, that are non-transferable to a replacement player. If applicable, any refunds will be made. The representative levy is non-refundable.
2.7.3. Players must communicate any injuries prior to trials. Any player who is unable to trial due to their injury can still be considered for selection. This will be based on the selection panel’s previous knowledge of this player; club coaches may also be asked for their opinion to aid the selection panel.

2.8. Releasing Players

2.8.1. To be released to another association a player must: Not be selected for a NHHA team. NHHA will consider if a player is required for another NHHA age group team prior to release to another association Be financial with NHHA and have no pending disciplinary actions against their name.
2.8.2. NHHA will grant a release for any player wishing to play for their Province of Origin. If any non-NHHA Province of Origin player completes trial registration 2.8.1. will over-rule 2.8.2.

3.Coach Selection

3.1. Selection Panel

3.1.1. The coach selection panel will consist of representatives from a combination of NHHA Staff and MWG members.

3.2. Eligibility

3.2.1. To coach a NHHA Masters team the following conditions apply for each applicant: An expression of interest application is submitted prior to the cut off date. Actively involved in community coaching or expressing an interest to be involved with community coaching. If the applicant is affiliated to an association, they must be financial. Must not have any of the following outstanding or unresolved:
• Disciplinary actions
• Breaches of NHHA Code of Conduct (NHHA Senior Division Bylaws, Clause 9)
• A documented incident of misconduct that has brought NHHA into disrepute
 3.2.2. It is NHH’s preference to appoint outright coaches, but we understand this is not always possible and welcome applications from player-coaches. Any coach wishing to be considered as a player-coach will be required to complete the player selection process before an appointment can occur.

3.3. Selection Criteria

3.3.1. Coach selections are not limited to, but should consider the following performance factors:
• The skills, knowledge and experience as indicated in the NHHA role description

4.4. Selection Process

4.4.1. Expressions of Interest (EOI) for managing roles will be advertised by NHHA.
4.4.2. All EOIs must be completed online by the indicated close-off date.
4.4.3. The selection panel will select one manager for each men’s and women’s team competing at National Masters Tournament.
4.4.4. Final manager appointments will be announced on the NHHA website once all applicants have been advised if they have been successful or unsuccessful.
4.4.5. In the case where the selection panel does not identify a suitable candidate, NHHA may hold another selection process.

5. Trial Process


5.1. Convenor

5.1.1. Each selection panel will be led and facilitated by a convenor.
5.1.2. NHHA staff or MWG member will act in the role of convenor.
5.1.3. The convenor is responsible to ensure appropriate procedures and policies are followed.

5.2. Selection Panel

5.2.1. Appointment of selectors: (minimum of 3 persons)
5.2.2. The selection panel will consist of the following people:
• Head Coach or Manager of the respective team/s, if appointed at the time
• NHHA Staff or MWG member (acting as Convenor)
• Independent selectors (someone that is outside of the above categories)
5.2.3. Additional members on the selection panel can be added at the discretion of NHHA.
5.2.4. If for any reason a selector is unable to attend a trial, this will be taken into consideration and handled appropriately by NHHA. They may still be involved to some extent with final selections.

5.3.Conflict of interest

5.3.1. Selectors must disclose any previous or current information that may be seen as a conflict of interest to the selection panel. This may be any of the following, but is not limited to:
• Relative
• Coaching experience from the past or present (i.e. private coaching)
• Relationship (i.e. family friend)
5.3.2. Selectors will be removed from discussions involving specific players where there is an agreed conflict of interest.
5.3.3. NHHA and/or selectors are responsible for recognising where there is a conflict of interest and are expected to uphold the above policies.
5.3.4. NHHA will decide if a selector cannot be appointed or needs to be removed from their role as a selector and/or coach. The decision of the NHHA CEO will be final.


5.4.1. Open to all players eligible to the appropriate age group.
5.4.2. Players are expected to register prior to trials but this does not close off players from registering on the day.
5.4.3. Maximum of two trials, over two separate weekends, to allow players to make at least one trial.
5.4.4. Structure of the trials is determined by the selectors but should be primarily based around games. The structure of the trials will be communicated at the briefing prior to the commencement of the trials.
5.4.5. Fitness testing can be included at the selector’s discretion.
5.5. Goal Keepers
5.5.1. If the selectors feel the need to arrange a separate GK trial outside of the above trials, the selectors will arrange this and notify the trialling GK’s of the date and time.
5.5.2. NHHA will consider if a player is required for another NHHA age group team prior to release to another association.
5.5.3. If NHHA does not have a team in a specified age bracket, then NHHA will release to other associations if not required for another NHHA age group team.

6.Dispensation, Exceptions, Appeals and Reviews

6.1. Dispensation Process
6.1.1. NHHA will accept requests for dispensation in relation to this policy. All requests will be assessed by NHHA and MWG members.
6.1.2. All dispensation requests must be submitted via appropriate dispensation form – see
7.1.1. NHHA Rep Masters Dispensation Form.
6.1.3. Any dispensation request must be received by NHHA no later than seven days before the date of the first trial, dispensation requests received after this date may be automatically declined.
6.1.4. Each dispensation request will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, any outcome of a request is viewed independently as an isolated request and will not necessarily set a precedent for subsequent requests.
6.1.5. NHH’s decision will be final.
6.2. Exceptions, Appeals and Reviews
6.2.1. In the instance where NHHA (or representative of), a player or selector wish to challenge a decision/ruling based on this Masters Selection Policy, this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis via a written request within 5 working days of the relevant selection decision. Any outcome of the request would be viewed independently as isolated requests and will not necessarily set a precedent for subsequent requests.
6.2.2. NHH’s decision will be final

7. Appendix 1

7.1.1. NHHA Rep Masters Dispensation Form Link – CLICK HERE