Meet our 2021/2022 Umpire and Official Executive Committee (UODEC)

Election of the Umpires & Officials Executive Committee (UODEC) for 2021/22

We recently held our UODEC AGM and voted in the new committee for the 2022. 

We say farewell to Richard Shorter who has stepped down after serving for 20 years. Richard has contributed countless hours to the committee since 2001 and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all the hard work. We wish you well and enjoy the extra time!  

The group is in safe hands for another year, led by David Oakley as Chairperson and Owen Goodwin as Deputy Chairperson. We welcome Kirstie Wardle who has joined the committee and we look forward to utilising her experience and fresh perspectives.

Sophie has stepped aside from her role as the NHHA secretary on the UODEC. Sophie has made a significant impact on our committee with her positivity, insightful comments, and fresh perspective to the UODEC and helped us see things in the bigger picture. Thank you, Sophie, for all your efforts over the last few years; our UODEC will miss you. 

The committee is very fortunate to have Kirsten Stuckey take over as secretary. Kirsten has been umpiring at North Harbour for 20 + years and has volunteered on the committee for nine years. While she will still oversee the development of our umpires and coaches, she will be stepping aside from appointments as she takes on the secretary role’s challenges. Kirsten is very excited to be taking this new direction and is looking forward to an uninterrupted 2022 season. 

Some words from our newest member, Kirstie Wardle:

“I first started umpiring when I was 16 – back in the day when you had to sit a written exam which included knowing what the field dimensions were! I played when we had to provide umpires for every game, and I can attest to how far Harbour Hockey has come and how great it is to turn up to most games without needing to have found an umpire.

Becoming a technical official for intercity last year and seeing another side of what umpiring does, I thought it was the right time to see what I could do to support. As a player, a mum of players, an umpire, and previously a school coach, I am often at hockey, so very excited to find out how my skills and experience can help support our Harbour umpires.”

AGM Notice & Board Nomination

TO: All members of North Harbour Hockey Association DATE: 01 July 2022 RE: Notice of Annual General Meeting – North Harbour Hockey Association Incorporated To all interested parties,

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