NHHA Rep Player Agreement

This form is acknowledging that you agree to represent Harbour Hockey (NHHA) for the team you have been selected in.

This agreement sets out the obligations of the players in respect of the 2022 Representative Hockey season.

Player obligations:

I agree:

  •  That I am eligible to trial for North Harbour Hockey Association and am not a club member of any other Hockey Association.
  •  That confirmation of my selection into a representative team is subject to fulfilling the eligibility terms of this agreement and signing this document.
  •  That if I intend to transfer clubs in the 2022 season, I will first discuss this with the Talent Development Officer, prior to final decision.
  •  That I am financially able to support my representative commitments. I will pay all invoices on the due date before tournament (unless a payment plan is setup).
  •  To be available for team practices or a representative game following selection, as required.
  •  That if I am involved in any other sporting code that will affect my attendance at team practices or games, I will openly discuss this with the Talent Officer.
  •  To train and keep myself in the best possible physical and mental condition to enable me to compete well to my highest standards.
  •  To compete to the highest level as shown in the period leading up to my selection in the team.
  •  To conduct myself in the manner befitting a hockey player representing the North Harbour Hockey Association, so as not to bring the association or the team into public disrepute. This includes conduct and opinions on social media sites, emails etc.
  •  To disclose to the team’s management as soon as I am aware of any changes to the medical information provided in this form. I will always check any medications prescribed are not on the Prohibited List (Check the DrugFree Sport NZ Website) for more information.
  •  I will follow HNZ Code of Conduct
  •  In signing the registration for Tournament I agree that I am drug free and have educated myself in this area. Information is available on the Drug Free Sport Website. Any questions can be directed to the Talent Officer.
  •  To comply with the team protocols (as set by the team).
  •  To respond to team communications promptly.
  • I will have no involvement in potential Sport Betting options and will only consume celebratory or commiseration alcoholic beverages as signed off by Team Management.