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Judith Quinlan

Other Organizers


31 Jul 2021 - 11 Sep 2021


9:30 AM




Preschool play is a programme designed especially for those younger ones who are not quite old enough to take part in Fun Sticks. Run on a Saturday morning (starting at the end of July) until early September this is a great pairing with an older child in Fun Sticks to keep the younger ones active and happy. 

This programme is an introduction to movement and play for our littlest Harbour Whanau Members. This programme is our change to welcome our youth aged 3.5 – 4.5/5 to fundamental movements, activity, and free play. The programme will be an 60 minutes long, please note within this hour approximately 30 minutes will be focused development time and the remaining time will be used to service our young ones as their needs indicate, this could be sitting around talking, exploring or just hanging out and having fun!

This programme is designed to keep them interested and challenged while providing a gentle introduction to the basics of Hockey.

We ask that parents remain close by incase they are needed. If a child wants to go with a parent post the first half of the session with the parents permission we would allow this. We understand that 60 minutes in week 1 or 2 might be a challenge for some of our littlest poppets. 

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