Secondary & Club Officials Registration

At North Harbour Hockey we develop and appoint umpires across both our Summer and Winter Competition formats. We appoint Officials to the Intercity Competition which is the top club competition in New Zealand and sees clubs from Auckland and North Harbour challenge each other over 18+ week competition. We also appoint officials to key Senior Club Competition and Secondary School Matches. 

There are opportunities to umpire beginner and social grades through to our top players. Guidance and development opportunities are provided for all that become a member of the North Harbour Umpires and Officials Division. Our Divisional Committee work hard to recruit new umpires as well as support our existing ones. We always look forward to welcoming new members to our team will reconnecting with existing ones each season. Why not join us!

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If you would like to know more information about umpiring before you register click on the envelope below to send us an email.

Winter Senior Club/Secondary Umpiring and Officiating

North Harbour Hockey requests that all umpires wishing to umpire in the Senior winter season complete the registration beside this information. We always look forward to an exciting year of hockey and are working hard to recruit new umpires as well as support our existing ones.  

Club Umpiring – March to August

  • Saturdays – Intercity, Premier 3, Division 2 (Match Officials are appointed to Intercity Matches only)
  • Sundays – Premier 2, Division 1 & 3 

Secondary School Umpiring – Term 2 to end of Term 3

  • Wednesday evenings – Boys
  • Thursday evenings – Girls

Official Roles for Intercity and Key NHHA competition matches

Match Director – In charge of the match. Managing Dugouts. Oversight of field. Perfect for those with experience managing others or those interested in being part of running the game accordingly. 

Judge – Keeping accurate records of goals scored and an overall score while noting down cards given on a Match-sheet. This role also assists with keeping time—the perfect role for the statisticians in our community, who are good at keeping time and multitasking. 

Register to be a Senior Club Competition Umpire

Complete this registration to register as an Intercity match official or NHHA senior club umpire

Register to be a Secondary Competition Umpire

Complete this registration to register as an NHHA secondary school umpire

In Summer NHHA appoint umpires to the Masters Competition that is played on Wednesday nights and provide opportunities for those interested in social umpiring to be paid to umpire our Summer Hockey 7’s and 9’s Competition on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Umpires that umpire in the Masters Competition receive Hockey Dollars. Summer Hockey umpires are employed by NHHA.

Masters Competition Umpiring – Wednesday Evenings October to end of Feb

  • Pre Christmas Competition – Male and Female match options available from mid October to Mid December. 
  • Post Christmas Competition –   Male and Female match options available from mid Jan to end of February, some NHHA Representative Teams chose to join this competition. . 
  • Sundays – Premier 2, Division 1 & 3 

Summer Hockey Competition – Tuesday and Thursday Evenings mid October to end of February 

  • Tuesday night – 7 and 9’s
  • Thursday night – 7 and 9’s

If you are new to the region or umpiring in general we would love to talk to you. We have a talented group of senior umpires that are keen to develop new umpires within North Harbour Hockey in both the Summer and Winter competition space. 

Register to umpire our Summer Masters Competition

Complete this registration to sign up to umpire in our Wednesday night Masters Competition.

Register for Summer Hockey Umpiring

Complete this registration to sign up to umpire in our Tuesday and Thursday Summer Hockey competition.

Hire a Locker

Harbour Hockey has a limited number of lockers available for hire. The lockers are situated on the Ground floor of the National Hockey Centre in the Umpires Lounge.

Lockers are only available to  members of the Senior Umpires Division. Members are advised that the only contents permitted to be stored within the lockers are to be related to Hockey life, such as gear and equipment relating to their role as an Umpire.  The lockers can be hired at a cost of $20 for 2021 until Dec 31 2021. An additional fee of $15 is payable where a key is not returned at the end of the season.  Lockers can be paid for either by Credit Card or by using your Hockey Dollars. 

Locker requests are handled on a first come first served basis and are subject to availability. Should you pay for a locker and one is not available you will be fully refunded. 

Locker Hire Form

Click on the locker icon to purchase your Umpire Locker for the season.