Rosedale Park Restoration Project 2022- 2027: NHHA is project lead

As many of you know, NHHA is leading a ground-breaking five-year project to restore an area of Rosedale Park beside the National Hockey Centre. We are working with local stakeholders including mana whenua, local schools, kindy, Massey University and a retirement home with the aim of increasing local social and ecological diversity and promoting local business resilience. One of the most exciting parts of this project is that we are proposing to use biological methods, not sprays, to increase soil health and ensure plant survival and growth. The work NHHA volunteers and staff are undertaking will reduce NHHA’s carbon footprint (planting 4 200 native trees) and greenhouse gases, and offer our people the opportunity to be part of a sustainable project aimed at mitigating climate change for future hockey players and their whānau. If you wish to find out more about the project,  please read our proposal that sits with Council for consent at the moment. Click here.

The project relies on sustainable funding streams, much of which is offered by in-kind professional services and products from hockey whānau. NHHA staff, the NHHA Sustainability Sub-committee and particularly Sam Weston, Peter Felstead and Sheryl Blythen are striving to uphold the project’s vision to offer a better future for our people, our place and the planet. Contributors’ generosity to date has enabled NHHA to lead from the front with sustainable change

We welcome all NHHA whānau as contributors to the restoration. For us to gain momentum, we need help with the following skills sets 

–  instructional design support to enable NHHA to share knowledge

–  plumbing expertise to support water conservation through rooftop rainwater harvesting to feed bioreactors

–  pest management volunteers (no prior experience necessary) to create an urban low pressure zone for biodiversity to flourish

–  3 undergraduate communication students for social media support to share the journey, inform stakeholders and inspire others

–  an IT professional to help us secure and set up a website domain and create a suite of on-domain email addresses with appropriate security measures covering access for several users. 

If you’ve always wanted to make a positive difference towards reducing the effects of climate change for your children or grandchildren or if you believe in contributing towards social equity, please consider emailing me. We are flexible. We welcome any contribution you or a family member feel you could make to the restoration team. 

Ngā mihi nui,

Nicky Shave

027 270 2736

(photo credit James Gow)

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