Terms and Conditions – NHHA Masters

COST Per Player:    $1250- $1550 (approx.)


I understand that on confirmation of team selection, one week post team announcement, that I carry the risk of any costs not able to be recouped through NHHA’s best endeavours in the event of cancellation of the National Masters Tournament. This includes, but is not limited to any non-refundable costs associated with accommodation and travel.


– Each team’s budget is based off 14 players

– Any team that attends tournament with 15+ players will be refunded in our post-campaign wash up

– Teams with less than 14 players, should NHHA allow entry will be charged based on the actual number of players attending

The following costs are subject to change:

    1. HNZ Tournament entry fees – awaiting confirmation of FY21 entry fees
    2. Accommodation – majority of the accommodation has been booked for 8 nights any additional charges or accommodation credits incurred will be passed on to your team.
    3. Travel currently includes a 12 seater van per team. Any additional charges incurred will be passed onto your team
    4. Turf charge has been calculated on the maximum number of training sessions. Teams can elect to reduce their number of their training sessions
    5. Management Expenses may decrease if a team is player coached and/or managed

NB: All team members are to stay at accommodation that has been organised for their team


– An Outright Coach/Manager will have 100% of their accommodation covered by the team

– A Player Coach/Manager will have 50% of their accommodation covered by the team

– If a Player coaches a secondary team they have 50% of their accommodation covered by the team

– Team Management must stay in team accommodation


– This covers the playing shirts, team kit bag and all its contents

– Players are expected to purchase their own socks and playing shorts or skort


– To support local umpires who will attend National Masters Tournament who are involved with our trial games and Summer Masters Competition


– For the post campaign gathering, any funds not used/allocated will be refunded to you


These services will be provided for this campaign as per below from Dynamic Physio

“Providing physiotherapy assessment of injuries and specific treatment, rehabilitation and guidance with your injuries during tournament to keep you in the game/on the turf for as much as possible. This does not include rub downs”

This charge covers the cost of having a team of physios available to you and is not subject to whether you use their services during the week


Will be charged via two instalments:

– The first instalment will be invoiced at 50% of budgeted costs (based on 14 players), to be sent out within two weeks post selection

– The second instalment will be the remainder of actual costs (still based on 14 players) factoring any amendments made by the Team Manager with NHHA prior to end of November 2020. This will be invoiced early December

– Additional information regarding available payment plans will be released with the first invoice

– Post tournament, a campaign wash up will be completed with any surplus funds refunded as required

By accepting this wavier you agree that:

Upon selection you will cover all campaign related costs and accept that this approximate cost could change dependent on other factors (player numbers, logistical costs being added or removed).


2.6.1.     Once selected and notified, a player has up to one week to decline their position within the team, after this date a non-refundable rep levy ($115) will be charged on top of any other associated costs to the withdrawing player.


2.7.2.     If a player becomes injured during the campaign which requires their withdrawal from the team, they will be liable to pay all, and any costs incurred up to the point of injury, that are non-transferable to a replacement player. If applicable, any refunds will be made. The representative levy is non-refundable ($115)

I accept that I have read the NHHA Rep Masters Selection Policy and agree to be bound by this policy.