Thanks Team Orange

It’s mid-season—the tail end of a long competition; everyone feels it.
We know many volunteers in our Harbour Whanau give countless hours of support and deal with various challenges. These challenges do not seem so big when players are competing with huge smiles on their faces. Unfortunately, our Team Orange has not been able to smile as much lately and we want to change this.
The role of an umpire is challenging. There is a range of emotions on display during a match; consider the player who doesn’t understand how aggressive they are, the coach who likes to debate indefinitely, or the supporter providing questionable feedback regarding their call from the sideline.
Umpires have seen it all. For some, the memories of their first game make them wonder how they are still officiating. For others, they are looking back on their first game that took place a few weeks ago, considering it to be their first and last season of refereeing.
With these challenges comes great rewards for our Umpires. Passion for the game is instilled through umpiring, giving back to the Harbour Whanau, and learning to face challenges head on.
It’s easy to forget in the heat of the moment or the mid-year grind that the umpire makes mistakes just like all of us. Our Umpires accept they don’t always get it right; they do their best. That is all we can ask for, and ultimately, we can not play hockey alone.
We ask you to please take this moment to appreciate our 73 members of Team Orange and their efforts to suit up and support the 47 weekly Club Competition matches. Please continue to look after Team Orange and, more importantly, look out for other each other as human beings.
Thakns, the team at Harbour Hockey

AGM Notice & Board Nomination

TO: All members of North Harbour Hockey Association DATE: 01 July 2022 RE: Notice of Annual General Meeting – North Harbour Hockey Association Incorporated To all interested parties,

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