Casual Turf Booking

House Rules

  1. Turfs can ONLY be booked and used by North Harbour Hockey Association Members.
  2. Participation is restricted to 2 x household bubbles with no more than 10 participants.  
  3. Members MUST book a turf so there is a record of who has used the turf and when. 
  4. Turf can be booked in 30 minute or 60 minute slots. There is a 15 minute buffer at the end of each booking to allow one bubble to leave. You can not enter the turf prior to your booking time slot. This will minimise contact between different household bubbles.
  5. You MUST sign in using the NZ COVID Tracer App and you MUST keep a record of everyone playing with you if they do not have access to a device (i.e children)
  6. Clubrooms, toilets, showers and other communal locations REMAIN CLOSED.
  7. Bookings exclude watering and lights and participants must bring their own equipment.
  8. Prices listed below are available only to individual member bookings for the duration of Level 3 Step 1.
  9. No School, Club or Representative Team Bookings will be taken at Level 3 Step 1.
  10. No cancellations will be accepted within 24 hours of scheduled booking.
  11. On making a booking you are taking responsibility for following the NHHA Covid-19 Safety Protocols which will be located in each dugout.
  12. By making  a booking you are agreeing to and accepting these terms and conditions,