Umpire and Officials Coaching

Junior Umpire Coaching

We are fortunate to have Junior Umpire Coaches who support our Junior Umpires in developing their officiating skills as they begin their umpiring pathway.

To ensure the best development of our umpires, our Junior Umpire Coaches are to to abide by the Junior Umpire Mentoring Guidelines (see below). Junior Umpire Coaching is in alignment with the North Harbour Hockey Junior (Primary and Intermediate) competition dates.

To become a Junior Umpire Coach please see our Umpire Mentoring Application Process Document below or contact 

Senior Umpire Coaching

We are fortunate to have a number of experienced Senior Umpire Coaches who generously volunteer their time. Our coaches aims to support all umpires across the grades, whether it be their very first match or those umpiring at Premier grade.

If you are new to umpiring, or would simply like to grow your ability we encourage you to join our coaching programme. Coaching can range from observing games, receiving feedback, setting goals, or having a someone available to talk all things umpiring.  

Any umpire is welcome to join our programme! If you are interested in being supported contact our Umpire Development Team –

Our Senior Umpire Coaching Team