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albany birkenhead collegians

ABC prides itself on being a friendly family-based club with players of all ages playing competitive hockey together.

We cater for players who want to play successful competitive hockey with Black Sticks playing in our Premier 1 team right through to social grade hockey with parents and children and occasionally grandchildren playing together. With all North Harbour club games being played at the National Hockey Centre in Rosedale, and most training taking place there or at nearby school turfs too it's easy to find the club that best fits your needs.

With 9 Men’s teams and 8 Women’s teams we have the right team for anyone wanting to play fun and successful hockey.

east coast bays 

East Coast Bays Hockey Club has a proud legacy of encouraging our community to play hockey at every level. For just under fifty years we have been assisting the development of every player and coach to grow, learn and perform at their best; Providing an inclusive, positive, friendly and social atmosphere for all members; and encouraging and ensuring the values of dedication and respect are central to our ethos.

We have men’s and women’s teams across all grades in the winter league, summer masters and the youth competition. We also have an extensive youth programme offering development across Years 7-13. 

We foster an environment for players of all ages and abilities to compete, stay fit and build a sense of community and well-being. 

glenfield old boys

Glenfield Old Boys (GOB) is a small club entering in the lower men's divisions for enjoying the hockey game.

We don't take it too seriously! If you feel like a run-around each week please get in touch! 

This is the perfect club for players new or returning to the game after a break who just want to engage in a relaxed environment.

hibiscus dairy flat

Hibiscus Dairy Flat (HDF) Hockey Club has approximately 250 players across 15 teams that play in all grades offered at NHHA during the winter season.

The club has a strong focus on family and while HDF is one of the largest clubs, we strive to ensure all of our members are valued and enjoying their hockey at whatever level they compete at including Youth Grade, Masters and all Winter Club hockey grades.


Mahurangi Hockey Club was formed in 1990 from a group of dedicated women hockey enthusiasts from the Rodney district determined to create a competitive club to play within the North Harbour Hockey competition. We as a club pride ourselves on having a good time on and off the hockey turf. On the hockey turf we take our hockey seriously and are competitive. We welcome everyone to our club.

northcote glenfield

Northcote Glenfield Hockey Club is an enthusiastic and competitive group of ladies, known for an inclusive and fun culture. 

The club values the social aspects of the sport, taking pride in the diverse ages and skill levels of our players, and the friendships that are developed amongst the members.

Northcote Glenfield Hockey Club enter teams into both Winter and Summer Competition formats. A great club for new or returning players to the game.

north harbour indians

Responsible for the administration components of our representative campaigns & accounts queries.

north shore united

NSU is one of the oldest and biggest volunteer-led hockey clubs on the North Shore. We pride ourselves on being the NSU family and always do our best to look after everyone. 

We believe sport is a place where people can come together and be part of a team and a community, no matter their age and ability or status. Our mission is to get and keep people active, to improve their well-being and mental health, and make all feel part of a connected and supportive community. 

NSU has a social, friendly and supportive environment, where you will receive top-level coaching, have lots of fun and be part of a club with a heritage, and a vision of its future.

takapuna hockey club

The Takapuna Hockey Club caters for players at all levels of hockey ability, with 7 Men’s and 7 Women’s team through all the grades in the Winter Club competition.

In the Summer competition Takapuna has 5 Masters teams and 4 Youth teams.

Takapuna is a successful and vibrant club that members and supporters are proud to belong to and are backed by some excellent sponsors and an enthusiastic Committee.

warkworth hockey club

Warkworth Hockey Club was founded by local hockey enthusiasts in the area who were determined to bring competitive senior hockey back to Warkworth and surrrounding districts. 

The Club entered the North Harbour Senior Club Competition in 2019 and teams within both genders of our competition. You can often hear them coming in their van (Barney) before you can see them.

The newest club in the NHHA competition and a welcomed addition. 

Contact the clubs

Fill in the form below with as much detail as possible, and clubs will get in touch with you. Please note you may not hear back from all clubs.

At Harbour Hockey we are made up of a number of different clubs which form our association. Each one of these clubs has its own unique history, culture and way of doing things. 

If you are looking to get involved in Hockey or return to the sport joining one of our clubs is the way to do it. Below is a breakdown of the information available on each club and a contact form below to get in touch with them. 

our clubs

From here you can reach out to one or all of our member clubs for more information on joining.


You will receive contact details for the clubs you enquire with and a copy of your enquiry by email to enable you to contact them directly.  


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