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Secondary school competition

North Harbour Hockey offers a range of Winter Competitions for Secondary School students so that players of all ages & levels can receive a world-class hockey experience.

The competition runs throughout Term 2 & 3 and is played at the North Harbour Hockey Stadium.

Competition start times: All game start times are between 4.00 - 6.20pm

Games are 60 minutes in duration.

Teams are entered through your Secondary School, please contact your school teacher-in-charge. Children must play for the school they attend.

Competition Entries are managed via CollegeSport.

Harbour Office contact for Competitions:

11 aside competition

  • Days of Play:

    • 11 Aside Boys – Wednesday

    • 11 Aside Girls – Thursday

  • Premier grade will be played over a full winter season (15-Weeks).

    • Format: 8 Teams, double round robin (14-weeks), plus finals (15-weeks competition).

    • 8 Teams include: Top 6 teams from 2021 Supercity Premier automatically qualify for the 2022 Premier grade. Plus, both winners from the promotion/relegation games.

    • Promotion/relegation games will be played between 7th and 8th in SC Premier and 1st and 2nd in SC A1 2021 Grades.

      • Winners of promotion/relegation games will play in the Premier grade for 2022 and losers play in the Auckland Grade A or NHHA Grade 1.

    • Premier grades will play 15-minute quarters (2-minute break and 3-minute half time).

  • All NHHA grades

    • Round 1: will continue to start with a 6-week competition with promotion/movement occurring at the end of the round.

      • Teams will move according to their placings at the end of round 1.

    • Round 2 will play an 8-week competition.

    • NHHA grades will play 15-minute quarters (2-minute break and 3-minute half time).

  • Greater Auckland A1

    • Round 2: Will start on the 15th and 16th of June for 8-weeks

    • Format: 8 Teams, single round robin (7-weeks) and finals (8-week competition).  

    • 8 Teams include: Top 4 teams from NHHA Grade 1 & Top 4 teams from Auckland Grade A,

    • Greater Auckland A1 grades will play 15-minute quarters (2-minute break and 3-minute half time).

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