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North Harbour National Masters Team trials are open to anyone aged 35+.

The trials will be match play, occurring over two weeks in October &  November 2023.


Excerpt from NHHA Rep Masters Selection Policy:

2.3 Age Group Criteria
2.3.1. Every player must register to trial in their age bracket, as determined below: To be eligible to play at National Masters Tournament, all players must have attained the stipulated age by the start of the tournament in that year. For a player who is 34 at the time of the tournament but turning 35 in the year the tournament is held will be eligible for the 35’s age group due to Hockey NZ’s eligibility rules A player in their final year of an age bracket has the option to play up or remain in their current age bracket, this decision must be expressed to the selection panel.

Please contact for more information

national masters tournament

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Start: Sunday 25 February 2024
End: Saturday 02 March 2024
Event Category: Domestic
Organiser: Hockey New Zealand
Venue: 9 Mount Albert Road, Berhampore, Wellington 6023

tournament details

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