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Players are to be current Year 7 – Year 10 inclusive.

All teams may register a maximum of 16 youth players in each team.

Adult players must be 18+,but are not required to be registered.

“A” Grade Youth teams can have two adults on the match card but only one on the field playing at any point of time.

“B “Grade Youth Teams can have 2 adult players on the match card and playing on the field for any one game.

A maximum of one adult player can be in the defensive circle at any one time.

This adult player must not remain stationary within the circle for more than 3 seconds. *The intention of this rule is to stop adult goaltending.

No Adult player may be in the attacking circle at any time.

Adult players/participants are to uphold the spirit of this competition, which is to guide and encourage the players and not have a significant impact on the outcome of the game. NHHA has the right to remove any adult player/ participant from the competition if it is deemed they have broken the spirit and intention of this competition.


Please see Adult Participants Guidelines/Code of Conduct

Male and Female Adults are not restricted to playing within their genders, players may take the field for both the boys and girls grades.

Any player registered in the “A” Grade may not play down to the “B” Grade, but “B” Grade players may play up for the “A” grade team. Clubs with multiple teams within one grade can pull players between the teams to make up numbers.

Male and Female Goalkeepers are not restricted to playing within their genders.

In the case of No GK, teams must discuss before the game starts as to how PC’s will be played out. Once agreed, the umpire must be informed.

Options to be considered:

Adult player to wear Helmet

Youth player to wear Helmet

No lifting / no hitting

The game duration will be15-minute quarters (2-minute break and 3-minute half time). Games must start on time.

Teams must be outfitted in uniforms of the same colour, e.g. Shirts & Socks.

Starting 9 October 2023 – 11 December (9 weeks). No play on Labour Day (23 October 2023)

North Harbour Hockey offers a range of Summer Hockey competitions for Year 7-10 students so that players of all ages & levels can receive a world-class hockey experience.

Youth Grade Summer Hockey runs throughout Term 4 and is played at the National Hockey Centre.

Monday Nights

All games are 60 minutes in duration.

Boys & Girls Grades (No Mixed Gender Grades)

Teams are entered through your selected club, please see contact details for clubs below.

The purpose of the Youth Grade Competition is to assist clubs in recruiting future members and player development, and it is a great way to start a future allegiance to a North Harbour Senior club for your hockey.

Harbour Office Contact for Summer Hockey Competitions:   

summer youth grade (years 7 - 10)

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