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New to Hockey? 

Need a crash course on the basic understanding of hockey?

Watch the FIH Website videos with all you need to know for 11 a-side hockey in 3 minutes!

introductory coach resources

nhha designed resources

Principles of Junior Hockey


These basic principles will help to clarify the 'what' you are coaching.​

Basic skills & Exercise/Drill Examples


Need ideas for coaching your first training?

Guide to Coaching Junior Hockey


A 1-stop shop covering the 101's of Junior Hockey

NHHA Junior Hockey Rules


NHHA primary & intermediate hockey competition rules.

free online coaching resources

Aktive's Good Sports Resources

What was it that made you enjoy sport in your youth?

Read more about Active's Good Sports philosophy.

Hockey NZ Coaching Hub

Get access to online courses, podcasts, video resources & a drill library!

Sign Up to Sports Plan

Over 1000+ hockey drills, techniques & coaching plans to help you become a confident coach.

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