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Year 1/2 fun sticks

  • The primary purpose of this competition/programme is to give children the opportunity to play hockey in a fun, friendly, and inclusive environment.

  • The objective is to introduce players to the game of hockey and to help them develop basic individual skills, including grip, dribbling, ball control, passing, receiving, tackling, basic elimination, and distribution. Additional team concepts to develop space awareness, vision, and calling.

  • Games are played on Monday evenings between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm approx.

  • Maximum of 4 players plus one adult on 1/8 turf – No goalkeepers.The role of the adult/team coach is to help the game retain its structure and encourage all players to be involved in the game.

  • Remember that a child scoring a goal will enjoy the game more than a parent stopping a goal. 

  • Gameplay: 13 minutes of basic skills training with your team and then 13 minute game (with a 2-minute break)

  • An NHHA coach will support each team coach during the 13 min skill training. Hockey equipment, drill design, and technical support will be provided.

  • Your team coach will need to be present for the game and actively involved in the skills training however NO hockey knowledge or experience is required by the team coach.

  • The skill training element allows each child to learn basic skills to feel more confident during the game.

  • Junior Hockey 4 aside Rules apply.

North Harbour Hockey offers a range of Summer Hockey competitions for Primary and Intermediate school aged students so that players of all ages & levels can receive a world-class hockey experience.

Teams are entered through your Primary School, Please contact your school teacher-in-charge

Primary & Intermediate School Summer Hockey runs throughout Term 4 on Mondays and Tuesdays.


All games are 30 minutes in duration

Grade Offerings: Boys, Girls and Open Grades for all competitions

Open grade has no rules on the team make up based on gender.

Please note that we may be required to combine grades depending on team entry numbers.

A player from the same school may play up one age group but not lower than the one in which he/she is registered, i.e., a year 4 graded player may play up to a year 5/6 team if required but a year 5/6 player may not play down into a year 3/4 team. This rule is to be applied only when teams require to fill in players to field a team. i.e., covering sickness and Injuries.

Games must start and finish on time according to the bell.

Mouth guard, shin pads, and stick are compulsory for all players.

All teams must provide their own umpire and ball.

Cancellations will be posted on the website by 2 pm on the day of play.

If you are interested in playing, please contact your school teacher-in-charge (TIC) or alternatively fill out the player looking for a team form.

Contact the Harbour Office for summer hockey competition questions

primary & intermediate summer hockey

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