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North Harbour Hockey offers a range of Winter Competitions for Primary & Intermediate School students so that players of all ages & levels can receive a world-class hockey experience.

The Primary competition runs throughout Term 2 & 3 and is played at the North Harbour Hockey Stadium on Mondays. The Intermediate competition is played on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Game offerings: Boys, Girls & Open Grades.

All competitions will include an element of grading to help group teams.

Game Duration: Primary School games are 30 minutes, Intermediate School games are 60 minutes, consisting of 12 minute quarters.

Teams are entered through your school, please contact your school teacher in charge.

Harbour Office contact for competitions:

Year 1/2 Small Sticks (HBC only)

  • The objective is to introduce players to the game of hockey and to help them develop basic individual skills including grip, dribbling, ball control, passing, receiving, tackling, basic elimination, and distribution. Additional team concepts to develop are space awareness, vision, and calling.

  • No year 3/4 or year 5/6 players are permitted to play in this grade.

  • Game start times are between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm approx.

  • Game Play: 13 minute training session (all players involved) and 13 minute game (Maximum of 4 players plus one adult on 1/8 turf – No goalkeepers)

  • The role of the adult is to help the game retain the structure and encourage all players to be involved in the game.

    • Remember that a child scoring a goal will take more enjoyment from the game, than a parent stopping a goal.

  • Offered at Hibiscus Coast (Metro Park) Only.

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