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Our Umpire Development team offer various forms of umpire development through coaching & training sessions each year to best support our umpiring division across the competitions & programmes.

You do not need to be an umpire to attend these opportunities, we strongly encourage coaches, players, parents and managers to attend the introductory courses to have a better undertsanding of the game and the shoes of an umpire.​​​​​​​

Please check out below the umpire development opportunites below!

For more information please email

umpire & official coaching and development

Introduction to umpiring

We will hold several workshops through the year as demand requires. For are happy to provide club or school sessions, please email for more information.


Our Intro course is a mix of online lessons plus a practical on turf session. Register at any time to access the online content, and see the dates below for the practical session.

  • Monday 4th March 7pm NHC

  • Wednesday 3rd April 7pm NHC

Development workshops

Development workshops are held regularly throughout the season. These are open for anyone who would like to attend, you do not need to be a registered umpire. information on topics will be shared closer to the day of each workshop. Click on the button to register, and see below for dates.

  • Sunday March 24th - first game of the day (time to be confirmed)

  • Wednesday 7th April 7pm NHC

  • Wednesday 15th May 7.30pm NHC

  • Thursday 1 August 7.30pm NHC (everything you need to know about shootouts)

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