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The National Hockey Centre (NHC) - Home of North Harbour Hockey

North Harbour Hockey Competitions and Programmes are run at various locations on the North Shore and extend up a facility at Warkworth. At our home (The National Hockey Centre) we have four turfs (Cello 1, Tiger Turf 2, Miller 3 and Harbour 4) at the main hub located at 159 Bush Road and then Harbour 5 is a short walk (approx. 400m) across a beautiful walking bridge. Alternatively, for those with trainings or matches at Harbour 5 you can enter this turf through Jack Hinton Drive. 

our facilities

Harbour 1 (blue turf) is our international standard turf. This turf includes access to live streaming of matches and is the main playing ground of the Vantage Black Sticks when they have international matches in Auckland or during the FIH Pro League.  During winter from 4.00-9.00 pm it is not unusual to see all five turfs in full swing at the National Hockey Centre. The village green provided a great spot for our Harbour Whanau to warm up and for kids to play. 

Our facility on bush road includes access to 8 changing rooms down below, 500 outdoor seats that look out over Cello 1 and 90 that look out over TigerTurf 2. 

The clubhouse lounge during winter is often buzzing as our whanau enjoy debriefing matches and catching up with friends.

Cello 1, Tiger Turf 2, Miller 3, Harbour 4 and Harbour 5

north harbour hockey facilities

getting to the nhc


Due to limited car parking available on site during peak times, we encourage:   

  1.  Ride share / car pooling

  2. Travel via public transport

  3. Walking or cycling if possible

  4. If scheduled to play/train on Pitches 1 and 5 to park within the Rosedale Park parking area, and to walk to the facility via the new pedestrian link across the Alexandra Stream bridge


  • DO NOT park within adjacent business’ car parking areas

  • DO NOT undertake U-turn manoeuvres within Bush Road, should the facility’s parking area be full. Please carry on in the direction of travel around the block to Rosedale Park

  • DO NOT drop passengers off on Bush Road, please use drop off zones within the northern parking area (Gate A)

  • When carparks are full “carpark full” signage and traffic cones will be placed at the entrance to the facility’s northern parking area to notify hockey members

Walking and cycling:

People living nearby will be able to easily walk to the facility, especially with the use of the Alexandra Stream bridge. There will also be a number bike parks located at the facility for people who wish to cycle.

Public Transport to NHC:

Plan ahead via the Auckland Transport:

Bus, Train and Ferry  – Journey Planner CLICK HERE or visit

parking at the nhc

We are located at 159 Bush road.

We have 336 CAR PARKS located at the northern end car park ‘GATE A’

A number of external car parking areas will be available for use by attendees to the new National Hockey Centre. These include:

  • Rosedale Park car parking, with capacity for 186 car parks

  • Parking on Jack Hinton Drive, with capacity for approximately 197 car parks

  • Public on-street car parking within a five minute walk of the facility, around Bush Road.

nhc facility map


Cello 1 (Harbour 1) is our number one pitch and is the blue turf in the photo. Tiger Turf 2 (Harbour 2) can be viewable from within the club house. 

The main gate for Harbour Hockey is gate A. 

Should you need to access the Harbour Hockey reception this can be found at the south end of the building. 

This facility was opened in December 2019 and already has hosted a number of International Events, local senior club hockey and a number of youth matches.


In Winter on Monday nights it plays havoc to all our primary teams running around. Tuesday see’s our Intermediate Competition in full swing.


On Wednesday and Thursday evenings we have our Secondary Competitions.


The weekends see the facility transform to a hub of activities with programmes and competitions starting from 8.00am on both days and finishing early evening. 

Our members take pride in this space and look after it accordingly. 

For more information about the National Hockey Centre and hire options these can be found here on the National Hockey Centre Website.  

external facilities

Due to the size of our competitions to cater to team trainings and the number of matches required on week days post school hours we do rely on the use of external venues. Below are maps of the external venues that North Harbour Hockey use to deliver our game.

All competition draws show what venue matches are scheduled to be played on. For school and club trainings this information will be shared with via the appropriate school or club contact. 

We currently run a Primary Competition at the Millwater Turf in Summer and Winter and will in the future be looking for additional satellite venues we can utilise as the sport grows. 

Our Competitions Team endeavor to provide teams with a number of onsite matches and rotating the use of external venues across grades and competitions when required. To enquire about making a booking at any of the facilities please contact 

Rangitoto College

Warkworth Turf

Kristin School

Westlake Girls High School

Millwater Turf

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