Forms Policies & Bylaws

NHHA Player Policies

North Harbour Hockey operates according to policies and procedures which are approved by the Board and implemented by the association’s employees and authorised representatives.  Where appropriate, these policies are posted on our website to ensure our hockey community is potentially aware of their obligations and compliance requirements.

Policies recently introduced include:

Serious Injury Report Form

All Injuries must be reported back to NHHA

Child/Youth protection policy

At North Harbour Hockey we are committed to good practice which protects children and youth from harm.  Staff and volunteers recognise and accept their responsibility to provide an environment which promotes the safety of the child at all times.  To achieve this we will:

  • Develop an awareness of issues which may lead to children and youth being harmed
  • Create an open environment
  • Adopt child/youth protection guidelines for players and all adults working at North Harbour Hockey.  Adult workers include coaches, managers, officials, parents and volunteers
  • Ensure careful recruitment, selection and management procedures
  • Ensure complaints and disciplinary procedures are embedded in our operational policies and procedures
  • Share information about concerns with children, parents and others who need to know
  • Keep this policy under regular review
  • Have induction material available for parents, coaches and volunteers clearly outlining their rights and responsibilities

Police vetting policy

In order to contribute to a safe and secure environment, NHHA may require that any person over the age of 18 involved in any of the roles specified below, undergo a Police vetting check and/or obtain a copy of criminal record from the Ministry of Justice.  These roles include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Potential candidates for any position at NHHA
  • Potential NHHA Board members upon nomination
  • All volunteer coaches and managers of NHHA representative teams as soon as practicable at the beginning of the season and bi-annually after that
  • All NHHA umpires at the beginning of the season and bi-annually after that
  • Any other key NHHA volunteers especially those who come into contact with children under the age of 18, as deemed necessary by the CEO, and bi-annually after that
  • Anyone who will hold a key contract or license to operate based at NHHA, as deemed necessary by the CEO, and bi-annually after that