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Strategic plan

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the support our community has continued to give to Harbour Hockey through the first half of the 2024 season. Fantastic to see large numbers on the turf, as well as off the turf and taking full use of our fantastic facility.

In 2023, the Board and CEO began the process of reviewing and resetting our Harbour Hockey Strategic plan for the next period. We identified the importance of including community consultation in forming our new Strategic plan, and we felt we provided ample opportunity for our community to have their say.

Working with Harbour Sport, here is an overview of the consultation process:

  • Nov 2023 - NHHA Stakeholder Survey and Workshop Session with Harbour Sport

  • Dec 2023 - Life Member Consultation, Board Consultation #1, and Community Consultation #1

  • Feb 2024 – Youth Focus Group Session, Staff Review Session, and Community Consultation #2

  • Mar 2024 – Board Consultation #2 and Review

  • April 2023 – Board Consultation #3 and Workshop Session with Harbour Sport

  • June 2023 – Kaumatua Consultation

We are excited to now be able to share our proposed new NHHA Strategic Plan. The final stage is again to offer our community your chance to provide feedback on where the Strategic Plan has landed.

We would like to highlight that our focus point has been around ‘Experience’. Creating a memorable experience for everyone, whether that be through hockey, our community and our home. This leads us towards a strategic approach of a vision that everyone wants to be connected to Harbour Hockey.

Our Home – “Our clubhouse serves as the heart of our hub, central to our Harbour Hockey identity. We engage with our club, schools, local community, fans, and supporters to ensure everyone feels welcomed and valued…”

Our People – “Our people are the driving force behind our success. We’re a thriving whanau united through growth, engagement, connections and achievements. Our goal is to build a community where everyone is welcome…”

Our Story – “Our community celebrates our history which has shaped our identity….”

From the outset, as the NHHA Board, we wanted to ensure that our Strategic vision is built on our community strengths, feedback and whanau. We hope you feel the same excitement and positiveness in bringing this all to life.

If you have any feedback in response to the presented NHHA Strategic Plan, please respond via email to before 9am on Thursday 27 June 2024.

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